Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning in Rochester NY area can add years of life to your furniture by removing dirt or body oils. Not maintaining your upholstery is what causes permanent wear and staining and breaks down the fibers.

We have gentle and effective upholstery cleaning agents for any material including velvet, leather, synthetic fabrics, cotton and cotton blends. Some furniture is recommended to be dry cleaned and some furniture is recommended to be steam cleaned. We offer both services. When it comes to your leather furniture we only use the best leather cleaners, conditioners, and protectors. We understand how long it took you to pick out your leather recliner or how attached you are to your sofa. We will extend the life of your furniture, and keep it beautiful for a long time to come.

Professional Grade uses specific cleaning solutions and gentle, but effective cleaning equipment to clean your furniture properly and remove spots. Our state of the art upholstery tools causes no overspray, leaving the floor, walls and other furniture dry. Give us a call at 585-283-9206